We understand that every business owner is looking for a one-stop-shop solution that is why we created different packages that will answer all your needs. A reliable back-up system where everything you need is here to avoid business operation interruption. Having people remotely helping your business, providing you solutions and different skillsets is a great way to combat challenges that every industry is facing.


Cost-Effective Solution

Outsourcing Services with Remote Office Facility

Workforce Delegation

Delegating well-trained people, who have extensive experience for the job.

Cut cost in hiring people, we got them for you. Our solution include a team who will work for you.
No need to send people in expensive seminars and training, our people are well-trained, and we send them regularly to training and seminars.
No need to hire expensive professionals who will lead your team, we will delegate a Manager who will supervise the people we got for you.

Office Space & Utility Services

An office space equipped with computers, phones, internet and more so your team can work comfortably. We provide 24/7 utility provision, with back up power system to avoid power interruption.

Our facilities are equipped with high internet connection ensuring a 100% productivity and avoid downtime.
Spacious work place where your team can work properly.

Trainings & Seminars

Our people are well-equipped and skilled. If you avail of our solutions, our workforce is ready with skillsets that can help improve your business operations and sales.

No need to allot budget for expensive trainings & seminars.
Our team is updated with the new technologies.

The Solutions We Offer

Let us help you in growing your business. We have a team of highly-skilled professionals who are experts in the following areas:

Virtual Assistant

✓ Administrative Services
✓ Accounting & Bookkeeping
✓ General Admin Virtual Assistant

✓ General VA with Sales Background
✓ Virtual Assistant for Property Management
✓ Virtual Assistant for Real Estate

Inside Sales

✓ Lead Generation
✓ Cold Calling
✓ Appointment Setting & Closing Deals
✓ Inbound / Outbound Sales

Customer Service

✓ Inbound / Outbound Customer Service
✓ Email and Chat Support
✓ Helpdesk

Creative Solution

✓ Graphics Design
✓Layout Design
✓ Photo Editing
✓ Video Editing

Digital Marketing Services

✓ Social Media Management
✓ Social Media Marketing
✓ Google Ads Management
✓ Search Engine Optimization

✓ Website Design Development
✓ E-commerce Website
✓ Online Shop Management
✓ Content Marketing
✓ Email Marketing

Website Design & Development

✓ Customize Website Development (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP)
✓ CMS (Wordpress, Joomla)
✓ Website Support & Maintenance

✓ Hosting & DOmain
✓ Responsive Website Development
✓ Dinamic Website Functionality
✓ Website Revamp

eCommerce Development

✓ Hosting & Domain
✓ SSL & Payment Options
✓ Online Shop Development (CMS: Woocommerce, Oddo, Magento, Shopify)
✓ Online Shop Management

Email Marketing

✓ Content Update
✓ Vhat Support
✓ Email Management

Google Ads Management

✓ Ad Management
✓ Optimization
✓ Bidding

Search Engine Optimization

✓ On-Page Optimization
✓ On-Page Optimization
✓ Content Management


IT Managed Services

✓ Desktop Services
✓ Database Services
✓ Security Solution
✓ Network Solution

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Outsourcing Packages

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We aim to help every business maximize their full potential without spending much money and effort in their business operations. We are here to assist you even if you're in different parts of the world.

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