Our Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Services

Our services cover Email Marketing, Database Management, Secretarial Work, Proofreading/Editing, Social Media Management, Calendar And Appointment Management, Administrative Tasks, Email Management, Marketing, Research, And Content Writing that can cater and meet to your needs with guaranteed efficiency and timeliness.

Email Marketing

Implement better templates and send effective e-mails that convert. Virtual Assistants are skilled in designing the necessary elements that your e-mail needs to match your marketing goals.

Database Management

Manage your consumer data in an organized fashion without having to do it yourself. Hire a Virtual Assistant for database management to take on this tedious task so you can just focus on determining how to strategize your weak and strong points.

Secretarial Work

Part of the work of a virtual assistant is doing secretarial work. You can get them for a fraction of the cost with efficiency and better service quality.

Proofreading/ Editing

Posting contents should be filtered thoroughly before publication to avoid any grammatical lapses and plagiarism. You can rely on Virtual Assistants to inspect your contents and provide quality control to convey your message well.

Social Media Management

Managing multiple social media channels in just a day can be a draining job. A social media virtual assistant can save you from this hassle while optimizing your channels to market your brand better.

Calendar and Appointment Management

Time is gold so you have to spend it wisely. Virtual assistants understand the importance of time management. By hiring them, you get to set your priorities straight and know which tasks to put first.

Administrative Tasks

Office and administrative tasks are one of the main tasks of a virtual administrative assistant. They can gather, distribute and manage information using different mediums.

Email Management

Manage and monitor your emails from time to time by hiring a VA. They can make follow-ups and write effective replies in your stead.


Virtual Assistant Skills can also include Marketing knowledge that will aid you to develop an effective marketing strategy to grow your business. Since they work remotely, they are involved with online marketing and internet marketing more.


Research requires a good amount of time to do as it involves obtaining information from accurate sources. With a virtual assistant, you are ensured reliability and ease of information gathering.


Content Writing

Compelling content attracts a reader’s attention. Virtual Assistants amplify your content by writing them with accuracy and appeal to turn guests into valuable customers.

Unload your work, get it done fast, and get access from a wide range of expertise when you hire VastOutsource

Countries We Provide Our Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Services To:
Singapore, Canada, United States of America, Switzerland

We continue to serve quality services among our clients across the globe.

Our Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Services Prices & Rates

We provide professional virtual assistant services remotely to execute a wide range of virtual tasks with very minimal supervision for an affordable price that can tailor to meet your business needs & budget.



One month (160 hours)

Monthly billing



4 hours a day

Weekly billing




Per hour/weekly billing



Project based

Milestone based


Virtual Assistant

We have high-skilled professionals that can do multi-tasking and an income-generating job.

Pricing Starts at $2000/month
minimum of 6 months contract

Our Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Projects Done

We value our clients’ loyalty and trust by continuously providing them quality services and committed assistance to their every need.


Our Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Services Process

We want to make everything easier for you so we hold initial meetings first, suggest and recommend solutions as we get familiarized, assign the right ones, monitor them, and ensure that the desired results are being met according to our standards. See how our process works:



We hold initial meetings with the client to determine the particular virtual assistant services they want to outsource.


As we get oriented with the business, we suggest and recommend solutions that we see fit for the business operations.


The team will be the one to find a virtual assistant or a team of virtual assistants to be assigned the role of exclusively handling the account.


We see to it that the team is constantly monitored to ensure the efficiency of their performance.


We track the progress we do to ensure that significant results are being met.

Why Choose Our Virtual Assistant Outsourcing Services?

All throughout the years, we always strive to learn something new so we could give our utmost services to our clients and stay up-to-date with the changing market demands. Our experience in the industry has equipped us with the right knowledge to be able to meet client demands while maintaining our vision and mission values as a company.


Get access to skilled expertise and dedicated services & support when you choose VastOutsource.

Immediate response to inquiries, concerns, and quotation requirements
Updated knowledge about the market industry
Adaptable & flexibleexperts who require less supervision
Advanced individuals who provide strategies to make work more efficient
Seamless and transparent communication to track progress even without you working on the business hands-on
All-in-one outsourcing solutions provider
Dedicated aftersales assistance even for post-project concerns

See what our clients have to say about our services.

What Is The Definition Of A Virtual Assistant And Why Should I Hire One For My Business?

A virtual assistant is a person who provides executive services to clients remotely and without being present in their client’s office. Typically, they are a virtual assistant from home where they set up their own office.

The job of a virtual assistant mainly involves handling administrative tasks like calendar management, data entry, email management, etc., and serving as an online personal assistant. However, the demand for other services such as social media management, content management, graphic design, and many more are also starting to open during today’s digital age. Aside from the many tasks a virtual assistant can do, they provide your company with a lot of benefits and advantages more than you expect to like the following:

They reduce your operating cost spent on buying a laptop, phone line, and office space since they work remotely. Employee benefits & taxes are also excluded which are incurred when hiring in-house staff.
They have the necessary skills to grow the business since they aregenerally techno-savvy so they understand & keep up with new trends and are willing to learn new skills.
They have good communication skills both written and oral which are vital to be successful in today’s workforce
They save your time which can be used to focus on your core business as theycarry out some of the tasks that do not involve core business functions. This leaves you with more time to be hands-on and focus on meeting your business goals.

​Let VastOutsource help you achieve your goals

Workloads can become overwhelming at times and hiring a full-time employee may sound tempting and easy but training and the cost that comes with hiring can make you think twice.

The solution? Get a Virtual Assistant.

VastOutsource houses a team of talented and flexible Virtual Assistant Professionals that can multitask adapt in different skill sets that your business needs.

We aim to help every business maximize their full potential without spending much money and effort into their business operations. We are here to assist you even if you're in different parts of the world.

Virtual Assistant Service


Virtual Assistance for Different Industries

Back-office Virtual Assistant

General Admin Virtual Assistant / Back-office Virtual Assistant

General Admin Virtual Assistant can complete a wide array of admin tasks that does not require physical presence. Some admin tasks include:

  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Securing appointments with clients
  • Following up with clients and customers
  • Database Management
  • Answering to emails
  • Sending invoices to your customers
  • File conversion
  • Preparing reports
  • Creating presentations
  • Research
  • Producing graphs from your spreadsheets

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to find the right person who can help you to do the above tasks?

General Virtual Assistant with Sales Background

General Virtual Assistant with Sales Background

According to some surveys, many sales representatives spend almost 65% of their time doing daily activities that do not contribute to their sales goals. Very unproductive, right? Stop doing what you shouldn’t be doing and start delegating these time-consuming tasks to us so you can focus more on closing deals and winning clients:

  • Cold balling
  • Lead Generation
  • Building hot leads
  • CRM maintenance
  • Database building
  • Presentation building
  • Research company directories
  • Schedule management
  • Data mining
  • Preparing and sending invoices

Our Sales Virtual Assistants are equipped in providing quality Customer Service so you have a strong competitive advantage.

Virtual Assistant for Real Estate

Virtual Assistant for Real Estate

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is one of the most important hires that you can make as a Real Estate Entrepreneur.

We know your work schedule is very hectic and there’s a lot of admin tasks needs to be done besides meeting clients who are interested to buy or sell their properties.

Stop spending your time and energy on activities that don’t actually contribute to your sales.

  • Responding to emails
  • Calendar Management
  • Building Hot Leads
  • Database Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Preparing PowerPoint presentations 
  • Managing your listings online
  • Simple Digital Marketing tasks like link building, Social Media Management

Hire us and let us take care of these tasks for you!

Virtual Assistant for eCommerce

Virtual Assistant for e-Commerce Online Stores

As more people enjoy shopping online, many online stores are opening and competition is getting tougher, day by day.

Having an ecommerce store requires a lot of effort from finding the demand for right products to sell to answering customer inquiries. Other challenges include driving traffic to you online store, getting leads and converting them. This is where e-Commerce Virtual Assistants can help you.

As your e-Commerce Virtual Assistants, we can do product listing, write product descriptions, provide customer service, manage stocks and process orders for you.

Contact us if you need help in managing your e-Commerce store.

​Our Virtual Assistant Solutions will allow you to focus on your business growth and development strategies.

At VastOutsource, our goal is to help you succeed by providing you with the quality support you need.

We offer flexible work terms available for either a long-term or short-term project. Whether you’re a start-up business owner or a medium-sized entrepreneurs, we have a reliable team of virtual assistants ready to help you out in your day-to-day operations.

Let us collaborate! Working with us means you’re working with a team who is not only passionate but also innovative team players and result-driven to help you achieve the success you’re aiming for.

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Get a FREE Consultation

Schedule a session with our experts and receive a complimentary business analysis report.

We aim to help every business maximize their full potential without spending much money and effort in their business operations. We are here to assist you even if you're in different parts of the world.


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