B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation stimulates and captures the interest of qualified prospects, keeps them engaged, and maintains long-term and beneficial business relationships.

Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook Lead Generation drives targeted traffic with Facebook using the right sales tools and communicates with those who are interested to keep in touch and learn more about your business.

PPC Lead Generation

Pay-Per-Click Lead Generation / Google Ads Lead Generation strategically targets traffic on search engines like Google with effective keywords.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation allows you to tap the right leads by establishing the right connections and exploring opportunities in a vast selection of professional backgrounds on LinkedIn.

Find the right prospects for your business and nurture them. Outsource your Lead Generation Services today.

Countries we provide our Lead Generation Outsourcing Services to
Singapore, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada

As one of the lead generation service providers in the Philippines, we continue to extend our services to other countries as well with the knowledge and expertise we have gained from our growing number of clients.


Our Outsource Lead Gen Services Prices & Rates

We help you find leads the right way at the right time with a package tailored to meet your budget and requirements.



One month (160 hours)

Monthly billing



4 hours a day

Weekly billing




Per hour/weekly billing



Project based

Milestone based


Inside Sales

We offer services like Cold Calling, Lead Generation & Appointment Setting to Closing Deals.

Pricing Starts at $2000/month
minimum of 6 months contract

Our Lead Generation Outsourcing Services Projects Done

Our company takes pride in the services that we do. As a result, we are able to obtain the trust and loyalty of our clients in several countries and states across the world:


Our Lead Generation Outsourcing Services Process

We make the process easier and more transparent for our clients from holding initial meetings to getting to know the business better, suggesting the best solutions, appointing the right people, monitoring them, to ensuring the favorable outcomes that the business wants us to achieve.



We hold initial meetings to determine what particular Lead Generation services you need and want.


As we get to know the business better, we find the solutions that we think best fits the business based on our expertise.


We then appoint the right people whom we think will perform the tasks and handle the account.


The appointed team will be monitored from time to time by a designated supervisor who will ensure their work efficiency.


As we secure the efficiency of the tasks given at hand, we measure the progress to ensure that favorable outcomes will be met.

Why Choose Our Lead Generation Outsourcing Services

Get the right leads who are in charge of decision-making, valuable clients who have the buying power, and urgent or in need of your products and services that your business provides.


As a company with established knowledge in Lead Generation Services, we continue to thrive and push our limits to be able to cater to and understand the changing needs and demands of our clients and the market in general.

Fast response to initial inquiries, concerns, and quotation
Up-to-date knowledge about the market industry
Skilled Experts who require less supervision
Competent individuals who are open to trying new strategies to make work more efficient
Ease of communication for transparency
All-in-oneoutsourcing services provider
Committed After Sales support even for post-project concerns

Clients Feedback

We let our clients speak for us about our services.

What Is Lead Generation And Why Should I Avail It?

Lead generation is a marketing process of enticing prospects and turning them into someone who has an interest in a specific product or service. Prospects are potential customers or people who have an interest in your products or services but may not have the intention to buy or avail of them yet.

Lead generation for both B2B and B2C business models can be used and comes with a different approach and tactic. But the most important thing to take note of is that it can both contribute to the growth of your sales pipeline by providing the right leads for your business. To get to know more about lead generation and what it can do for your business, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Increase in Revenue

Lead generation turns your potential clients into interested customers. If done well, they will eventually buy and turn into sales and if they rely on your brand, then your revenue will grow.

Brings awareness

Lead generation builds brand awareness in a way that makes it known to its buyers and educates its audience about your products and services. The greater your brand is known to many, the stronger your brand value and reputation become.

Expand your market reach

Lead generation can provide you a chance to get to know some market segments that you might not still be aware of.

Improve your lead quality

Lead generation allows you to target the right market who are relevant to the products and services that you sell which results in better and more qualified leads that your business needs.

​Let VastOutsource help you achieve your goals

61 percent of marketers say that their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads. Most businesses understand the need to acquire more leads, however, when it comes to executing strategies, most do not know where to start.

VastOutsource can provide you with the best lead generation services. We can help you save on manpower, time, and energy while increasing revenue and reducing costs.

With our well-experienced team of lead generation professionals, your organization can see an increase in productivity with the new and qualified leads that we provide regularly.

Based on your target, we determine the best lead generation approach for you. Work with us to recognize the full potential of your business. Outsource your lead generation services now!

Lead Generation Service


Lead Generation for Different Industries

Lead Generation Services for Real Estate

Lead Generation Services for Real Estate

Traditionally, real estate professionals preferred getting out into their community, door knocking, and introducing themselves to potential buyers. Some are purchasing lists of connections, picking up the phone, and cold calling. While there’s nothing wrong with conventional marketing methods, there are more ways to connect with prospects in the digital world.

Our goal is to help businesses that need a steady flow of leads, make the most out of these new technologies. Want to know more? Call or send us an email and we are more than happy to get in touch with you.

Lead Generation Services for Travel & Hospitality

Lead Generation Services for Travel & Hospitality

As the travel and hospitality industry is becoming a competitive market, and with the growth of social media usage by your target travelers, digital presence has become an essential aspect of generating quality leads for travel and hospitality businesses.

Our lead generation services will give travel and hospitality marketers the greatest diversity of engagement opportunities and access to the most significant audience out there. Contact us now!

Lead Generation Services for Construction Company

Lead Generation Services for Construction Company

The situations may have changed, but the old marketing saying of meeting your audience where they are has stayed the same. Most of those audiences are now online. Whether you’re in the construction industry, most probably your target clients are browsing the internet right now.

Let us help you get valuable leads, reach the perfect market and link you to audiences that are valuable to your construction company. Call us now!

Lead Generation Services for IT Firms

Lead Generation Services for IT Firms

The demands for differentiation, the effectivity of marketing efforts, and sales are rising and driving IT service providers to improve their plans and strategies or suffer losses.

To ensure that your company continues to progress, we can maximize your market growth opportunities by delivering effective lead generation solutions your business requires in order to surpass the competition. Let us be of help and start ramping up digital efforts leading to IT service company conversions now.

Lead Generation Service for B2B Consulting

Lead Generation Service for B2B Consulting

B2B consulting companies need to manifest integrity, expertise, and excellence to deliver alongside their offerings to gain potential clients. Many of these B2B consulting companies find prospects through ineffective strategies.

With our lead generation services for B2B consulting companies, it will be easier for the business of any size to reach their target audiences, gather the best leads and make better engagements. Hire us and experience measurable and tangible results.

Lead Generation Service for B2C Retail

Lead Generation Service for B2C Retail

You can collect customer data from in-store buyers by having customers sign up for your list, but is it enough for your business to reach wide audiences and get conversions?

Our services provide the competitive advantage you want by advertising your products and services straight to the right people. Give our lead generation services a try and we will show you how we can help to market and expand your B2C retail business.

Lead Generation Services for Customer Service

Lead Generation Services for Customer Service

Conventional methods of marketing can be inefficient and expensive. You can reach a great number of people through advertising efforts, but oftentimes the persons you have reached are not interested or are unlikely to make a purchase.

With our lead generation services, companies providing customer service can increase revenue, boost sales, and build a bigger customer base through a more targeted strategy. Call or send us an email and we are more than happy to get in touch with you.

Lead Generation Services for Manufacturing

Lead Generation Services for Manufacturing

Having an online presence is a very important factor that the manufacturing company should consider to adapt to gain a competitive edge. With so much competition, being in the manufacturing industry has become increasingly challenging.

Through lead generation, manufacturing companies could easily target consumers and wholesalers to purchase their product offerings.

If you are a manufacturer that is ready to expand aggressively and increase sales, consider our services. Contact us now!

Social Media Services for Commercial and Office Cleaning

Lead Generation Services for Commercial and Office Cleaning

The traditional way of marketing a commercial cleaning business is by word of mouth. But at this age, a lot more people are doing their research online first before getting to choose the right commercial cleaning company for them.

Allow us to take care of that. We can help you get more commercial and office cleaning service leads and contracts by classifying potential clients within your market segment. What are you waiting for? Explore and discover how our lead generation services can drive your sales.

Lead Generation for Healthcare Services

Lead Generation for Healthcare Services

You are missing out and being left behind if you’re not taking advantage of the ways social media could help your business.

In Commercial and Office Cleaning, social media is a great platform to reach your target customers effectively and fast. Companies looking for a wide range of cleaning services whether it is for typical office cleaning, environmental and special services cleaning, or even home cleaning, a lot of those people search and discover providers through engagement in social media platforms.

What are you waiting for, take time to explore and learn how you could make use of Social Media for your Commercial and Office Cleaning Business. Maximize this opportunity to improve your online marketing strategy.

Lead Generation for Food Services

Lead Generation for Food Services

Whether you’re just starting your small business or sustaining a large business, you can always use more customers.

Gaining exposure to new potential clients and customers in the food industry is a must for the business to grow. And the best way to develop your customer base is through lead generation. Contact us now and convert the best leads for your food services today.

Lead Generation for Finance and Insurance Services

Lead Generation for Finance and Insurance Services

Many are struggling to find quality leads for your finance and insurance services. Some are even spending a lot on marketing but there are no significant returns.

Allow us to help your financial and insurance business to obtain quality financial leads while increasing revenue. Want to know more? Call or send us an email and we are more than happy to get in touch with you.

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